Torrent Search Engine Script

Torrent Search Engine Script
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Scriptsly Torrent Search Engine Script is a fast dynamic torrent search engine that updates automatically and gives real time search results from reliable sources to list torrents for all kinds of files through a simple fast loading and validated html 4.01 transitional design that will get your site a million (or more) pages indexed in google and the script gives you great potential to get search engine traffic and ranking for famous keywords while having dynamic titles and meta tags in all generated pages.

- One click installer.
- SEO links and meta tags.
- Fast real time search results.
- Tag Cloud to help site indexing.
- Can get you thousands of pages indexed in Google.
- Fast loading valid HTML 4.01 Transitional design.

- No admin panel needed as configuration is simple.


Current Version : V4.1
Requirements : PHP

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