Press Release Directory script

Press Release Directory script
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Press Release Directory Script   

Search Engine Optimized Contents
Google AdSense Integration
Affiliates and Your choice Ads Integration
PayPal and other Payment Methos Integration
Professionally Designed Themes
Easily Handles Thousands of Press Releases
 What can i do you with this?

Create Press Release Site 
Launch Newspaper or Magazine site 
Have your own blog website 
Tutorials or any content based site 

What make us different?

Quality web2.0 Designs
100% div base and tableless Designs 
Easy to understand Back office 
Quality SEO work 
Change Site Designs From Admin Area 

The fastest, smartest way to start and manage your content driven web site.

What is Press Release Directory Script?
Press Release Directory Script is the most innovative solution you need to launch a customizable content driven web site in the shortest period of time. From user-friendly customization options to easy content creation process, Your Press Releases Site prides itself in content authoring for its users... regardless of technical limitations.

How can you benefit from investing in Press Release Directory Script?...

Make Money with Google Adsense, Affiliates and Advertisement.
Accept PayPal Payments for User Levels Upgrades.
COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION - Save and be online in 30 minutes.
Publish Press Releases, news, important information FAST and EASY.
SEAMLESS MANAGEMENT - total workflow management. Publish & approve
content simultaneously.
Support an UNLIMITED NUMBER of content contributors.
CUSTOMIZE & change the look of web site with one click.


Create three types of content.  Press Release Script allows you to display any or all of the following on your web site: Press Releases, pages, Sections.

Total workflow management.   Allows contributors to add Press Releases. You have the control to allow or reject the Press Release, publish it on your web site.

Author content on all popular browsers.   Your Press Releases Site’s WYSIWYG editor works with all web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari and Opera. 

YOUR Press Releases Directory Site BENEFITS
Your Press Releases Directory Site is the quickest, most cost-effective way to have your own content driven web site, without the help of programmers or mastering a programming language.

Just browse through our list of benefits and we're sure you'll feel like a master of the art. Your Press Releases Site is by far the best online content management software.

ADSENSE & AFFILIATES EARNING . You Can Make Money With Google AdSense and affiliates or with any choice of your ads that you can change from back office with few clicks.

MAKE "PAID" PRESS RELEASE WEB SITE. With PayPal or almost any other credit card processor you can make "Paid" Press Release Submission web site and charge for accounts upgrade. details.

USE IT LIKE MICROSOFT WORK . With the most powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, create and edit content with a professional touch within minutes and no worry about coding or a third party FTP client.

NO MASTERY ON HTML OR XML. You do not need to know any expertise in markup or programming languages to create content with Your Press Releases Site. Everything is done in Your Press Releases Site through its unique point-and-click interface.

WEB DEVELOPERS CAN RE-BRAND & MARKET . Offers clients a simple, powerful and affordable web content management solution run their own web site. Specific web developer features mean you can re-brand and market as your own solution charging price what you wish - enjoy added credibility to your service offerings, a competitive edge and more revenues.

TOTAL WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT. Allow your content contributors to add drafted, non-visible Press Releases. Approve the content and publish on the web site..

IT HAS EVERYTHING . Your Press Releases Site is loaded with everything that is required to build, manage and edit content driven web site including a powerful administration control panel, multi-user support and more.

UPDATES ANYTIME, ANYWHERE . Eliminate the roadblocks in the way of organizing and briefing in changes. All you need is to login through a browser and update content from office, home, laptop, or while on the go.

FLEXIBLE PANEL-DRIVEN LAYOUT . Your Press Releases Site is 100 per cent template driven; it takes literally 30 seconds to rearrange any page on the site, like the home page or "View Press Release"page.

Get a fully functional and professional content driven web site eliminating the need for expensive web development tools or programmers.


Site Management:
Manage Site Details. Site Title, Keywords , Description.
Upload Your logo
Change Site Themes with single click (12 Professional Design Templates)
Manage Static Pages, about us, contact us etc...
Manage google ads or affiliate ads
Manage Google Analytics

Category Management:
Add New Category.
Manage Categories (Edit/Delete)
Manage Sub-Categories (Edit/Delete)

Press Releases Management or Contents Management:
Add new Press Release
Press Releases In Reviews
Problem Press Releases
Live Press Releases
Modified Press Releases
Add/ Remove Press Release of the week.

Press Release Reviews Management:
UnApproved Comments
Approved Comments
All Comments

Sections Management:
Featured Press Releases.
Hot Press Releases.
Manage Press Release Sections

Manage Users:
Active users.
Banned Users
Basic Users
Basic Plus Users
Platinum Users
Manage All User

Locations Managment:

Server Requirements :
* Apache Web Server
* PHP 5.0 or above
* MySQL 5 or above (1 MySQL database )
* PHP's GD image library

- Press Release Directory Script
- 12 Designs / Themes! 
- 1 Year of Web Hosting Service * 
- 1 Free Domain Name *

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