Simple Classifieds Script

Simple Classifieds Script
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Our Simple Classifieds Script  is designed for anyone to start their own version of craigslist. It works 90% like craigslist but loaded with additional features and functions.

Simple Classifieds Script is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use, turn key classifieds script with focus on local communities - globally. Written in PHP, one of the most available and affordable scripting solutions on the web and powered by the pouplar MySQL database system,Craigslist like Script  works on the idea of providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers of a community: very much like the most popular classifieds sites out there on the web like Craigslist or GumTree. We would hate to call it a Craigslist like because although the basic idea evolves from Craigslist, Craigslist like Script, Classifieds has got its own unique specialities. With quick and easy installation, configurable and streamlined user interface, and a powerful admin area it has got everything that you wanted from a script of its kind.

Attract more usersNo one likes signing up. Simple Classifieds Script  takes users straight to the posting process, letting them manage their posts via an email publishing kit. Less hassle, more conversions.

Earn moneyEarn by charging users for posting to specific sections, featuring their ads or extending them - all through an automated PayPal gateway. Easily integrate Google AdSense.

CustomizeConfigure each category according to your needs. Define custom fields that can hold text, numbers or dropdowns and let users browse or search through them.

Language supportUse the language of your choice including RTL ones. Five language packs come bundled and you can always add your own from the easy to use language editor.

Keep it secureCaptcha, IP block, bad word filter, a basic spam filter together with solid admin login protection keeps your site secure.

What's new!

 Charge users for posting to selected categories/cities.
 Now supports formatting in ads.
 Added basic spam filter.
 Added mass IP block. 
 "Postable" categories and regions.
 "Required" custom fields.
 ... and many more features!

Key Features:

 No user registration needed to post! 
 Free to post ads
 Users may pay to make ads Featured
 Users may pay to make ads run longer 
 Unlimited categories and subcategories 
 Unlimited regions, cities and areas 
 Ability to add custom fields for each section 
 Complete search feature, including custom fields 
 Event Calendar 
 Image Submissions
 Email verification for ads 
 Image verification for spam protection 
 Picture upload with ads
 Automatic resizing of photos to reduce dimensions and size
 Option for users to report abuse
 Automatic expiration of ads after a configurable duration 
 Specify ad expiration time for each section
 Automatic deletion of ads after a configuratble number of abuse reports 
 Form to email the poster, with attachment, without revealing his email 
 Block certain attachments, like EXEs
 RSS feed of listings with configuration options 
 Search engine friendly urls for ads (using mod_rewrite) 
 Language file to change the text used on the site 
 Setup different featured and extended ad options from the admin 
 Automated Paypal gateway 
 Control all aspects of ads from the admin
 Block users by IP address
 Bad word filter

and many more...!

Configuration Options:

Note: These options are set from the configuration file rather than from the admin; so you won't find them in the demo.
 Site language 
 Initial city to show ads from
 Enable/disable event calendar
 Enable/disable image submissions
 Show/hide left and right sidebars
 Sort locations and categories alphabetically
 Number of columns for showing categories
 Ads/images per page
 Show number of ads next to categories
 Show number of ads next to subcategories
 Number of pictures uploadable per ad
 Maximum picture filesize
 Allowed picture file types
 Width and height of resized pictures and thumbnails
 JPEG quality of resized images
 Currency symbol to use
 Enable/disable image verification
 String to replace bad words with
 Show/hide latest ads in homepage and number of ads to show
 Show/hide category list in the left sidebar
 Maximum number of abuse reports needed to automatically delete an ad
 File types and maximum size of attachements allowed when contacting posters
 Number of ads to include in the RSS feed
 Number of characters to show for ad description in the RSS feed
 Enable/disable featured ads and extended ads

and many more...!

Minimum Requirements:

 A linux/unix server
 PHP 4.3 or later (with safe_mode OFF and mail() enabled)
 MySQL 3.23.47 or later

Optional Components:
Apache server with mod_rewrite support:
To enable search engine friendly URLs.
GD Library Support for PHP:
To enable security code verification and automatic resizing of images (GD Library comes pre-packed with PHP 4.3. So if you have PHP 4.3, then most of the time you will have GD Library as well.)
Support for cron jobs:
If you want to automatically delete old posts from the database and free up some space.



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