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Photo Video selling Script - Photo Video Selling Online Script

Admin : Click here

User Name : demo

Password : demo

Do you want to have own photo video stock and sell your digital content online? We offer an affordable photo video store software. In several minutes you can install the photo selling script on your hosting and start selling your photo, video, audio, flash and vector files on your website.

This is a perfect photo stock software for photographers and video producers. You will have all tools to upload, present and sell your photo stock easily. Other photographers may register on the photo store script and sell their digital works there for a commission. Run your photo stock script now!

Photo Video selling Script - High Earnings !

Complete PHP and Ajax based photo video stock script allows you to run own media files store. It is a photo store software for selling your photos, images, artwork, audio, videos, vector illustrations and prints online.

Photo Video selling Script has 41 integrated payment gateways, SEO friendly optimized links, multiple currency support, credits system, subscription, ajax based content, watermark, lightbox, zoomer, coupons system, rss, ffmpeg.

Every user has different community tools: personal blog, messages, reviews, testimonials, friends, avatars. Photo selling script software was translated to 42 languages.

The photographer can upload own content on Photo Video selling Script and sell it for a commission.

Photo Video selling Script​ Script- Features

Selling media content:

Mobile responsive templates based on Twitter Bootstrap framework
Photo, Video, Audio, Flash, Vector illustration, Zip, Pdf files support
Prints of photos
Pwinty Prints service integration
Shipped products
Orders per file
Subscription for instant access
Credits system allows users to use prepaid credits for the purchase.
Coupons/Discount allows user to get a discount and a bonus.
Tax system.
Affiliate system.
Facebook/Twitter/Vkontakte authorization.
Remote file's storage on Amazon S3 and Rackspace clouds files
Google coordinates.
Photographer's examination system.
Payment gateways: Paypal, Paypal PRO, Google Checkout, Authorize, 2Checkout, E-gold, LinkPiont, WorldPay, ChronoPay, MoneyBookers, Nochex, ePassporte, eWAY, eNETS, SecPay, SegPay, Google Checkout, CashU, WebMoney, ccBill, Epoch, QIWI, Robokassa, RBK money, Payprin, Dwolla, Stripe, Payza,,,,
SMS Mobile Payment gateway: Fortumo
FFMPEG preview generation for video publications.
Multiple currency support We support Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen, U.S. Dollars, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Krone, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna.
Free publications It allows to download some files for free as trial.
Commission manager allows you to monitor user's earnings and refund money.

Uploading content:

Admin Upload panel
Admin Bulk upload panel You can bulk upload photo files.
Seller Upload panel
Seller Upload moderation allows you to approve files which were uploaded by sellers.
Watermark The users can set transparent copyrights on the photo.
IPTC and EXIF support allows you to read and use a description and keywords of photo files during the upload.
Category password protected We can set password protected for some category.

Front End:

Ajax based content The user can easy to modify your shopping cart, orders, testimonials, reviews without browser's reloading.
SEO friendly optimized links All our links have *.html extension so your site will be lovely one for Google, Yahoo, MSN.
Search Engine
Photo zoomer looks like
Sorting allows user to sort publications by most popular, newest, featured, random.
Model property release
Related items
Tag clouds
Hover view Light preview window appears when the mouse is over the image or video.
RSS for categories, blogs and news
Lightbox allows user to make their favorite photo and video galleries.
Rating system The users can vote for favorite galleries and rate them.

Community tools for users and admin:

Personal blogs
Contact Us
Testimonials for sellers
Tell a friend


Home page with customized slideshows and photo sets.
Template's manager You can select different template's color schemas for the site and modify template's files.
Multiple language support Our script was translated to Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinise, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
Left/right sideboxes The site owner may switch on/off them and define a position.
Navigation Several types for catalog, languages, top/bottom menu.
Page content manager All site text pages are editable and you can easy to modify the content using simple HTML editor.

Photo Video selling Script​— System Requirements

Please make sure you have asked your hosting company about the following requirements to run Photo Video Store.

Linux hosting
Apache Web Server
PHP 5.2 or higher
MySQL database
php GD module
php EXIF module
php CURL module
Domain or Subdomain Name
If you want to have automatic video preview generation you should have FFMPEG installed on your server. But the script can work without FFMPEG too.

Photo Video selling Script​ — Languages

Currently Photo Video selling Script was translated to 30 languages:

English English
French French
German German
Italian Italian
Portuguese Portuguese
Russian Russian
Spanish Spanish
Catalan Catalan
Swedish Swedish
Finnish Finnish
Estonian Estonian
Serbian Serbian
Serbian Indonesian
Serbian Hebrew
Indonesian Indonesian
Slovakian Slovakian
Chinese Chinese simplified
Chinese Chinese traditional
Arabic Arabic
Malaysian Malaysian
Dutch Dutch
Polish Polish
Norwegian Norwegian
Bulgarian Bulgarian
Japanese Japanese
Greek Greek
Czech Czech
Hungarian Hungarian
Danish Danish
Danish Romanian
Afrikaans Afrikaans
Persian Persian

Photo Video selling Script​ — Versions

Current Version : V 1.58

Photo Video selling Script​ — Installation Guide (We Provide FREE Installation)

Assume you want to install the script at

Unzip files and upload them via FTP on
Modify the file: with correct MySQL database information.
//MySQL database
define( "dbuser", "yourdbuser" );

define( "dbpassword", "yourdbpassword" );

define( "dbname", "storedb" );

define( "dbhost", "localhost" );


define( "surl", "" );


define( "ssurl", "" );

//Site root. It is an empty if the script is in root directory or "/store" if the script in "/store" directory.

define( "site_root", "" );

Click and follow instructions
If you receive the error writable notifications on installation page you should set writable permissions for the folders.
if you install the script at you should edit /.htaccess file and replace "RewriteBase /" with "RewriteBase /somefolder/"
That's all!

FAQ : Common questions

Is the script open source?
Yes it is. All php code is open and you can modify it.
How long my license on script will be valid?
The script has a lifetime license.
During what time you provide free script updates?
We provide free script upgrades on unlimited basis.
Can I install license on script I bought on a few sites I owe?
You need to buy license for each of your sites separately. But, buying the script you can buy 5 or 10 licenses at ones and get a substantial discount.
Could i integrate my own template?
Yes it is possible. All templates are separated from the programming code.
Could you help us a integrate a new template?
Yes we could help you for additional fee. The price depends on a template.
May i remove all copyrights and have unbranded version?
Yes you may remove all our copyrights for free.
Can I use script to upload other files, not just photo,audio, vector, video?
You can upload files of ANY formats - for example, Word, Excel files, PDF, etc. The script allows to organize files easily and upload your file archive into Internet. All the information you are uploading is secured.
Can user get access to content without any registration and payments just indicating link to certain file into the browser?
No, it is impossible. Such user will get "Access Denied" message on the screen. You can check it here.
What payment methods could be used in script?
The site’s owner receives payments via Paypal, Paypal PRO, Google Checkout, Authorize, 2Checkout, E-gold, LinkPiont, WorldPay, ChronoPay, MoneyBookers, Nochex, ePassporte, eWAY, eNETS, SecPay, SegPay, Google Checkout, CashU, WebMoney, ccBill, Epoch and Check Money order.
Could you integrate a new payment gateway?
Yes, we could integrate a new gateway for free. The most of available gateways weere added after our clients requests.
Could i disable Credits and have all prices in Dollars?
Yes, sure. You could disable Credits in the admin panel -> Settings - >Site settings.


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