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Escort Directory and Agency CMS in one

DEMO : Click Here

 Escort Agency or Escort Directory and it is built as a Joomla CMS extension.Such model offers great deal of possibilities with minimum investment.Escorts Joomla component was developed by actual escort directory owners using years of experience to create software that will enable even novice Escort Directory owners to start and run an escort directory site. Its features and options were built on real business experience creating a unique and intuitive escort CMS software, ensuring you have all the tools required to run a succesful and attractive escort marketing site. We chose to bulid an escort directory component for Joomla CMS rather than trying to bulid a standalone Escort Agency or Directory CMS for a very simple reason: Joomla is the most popular CMS on the web today, used to power large corporate websites as well as, personal or small business sites. It is extremely easy to use/learn, backed by enormous community of developers around the globe who continually contribute upgrade to the FREE Joomla CMS as well as, numerous extensions in form of Joomla componnets, modules, plugins and other enhancments. And this choice to build an escort oriented component for Joomla CMS instead of building a standalone Escort CMS is exactly how  Escorts outshines all of similar Escort directory or agency 

Administrator Features

Add unlimited categories, countries, states, locations HOT!!
Manage, edit, create, delete text, images
All pages have SEO Friendly URL's-you or the advertiser can add own Page Title, Description, Keywords but, if you want to save time these can also be automatically generated!! HOT!!
Manage, edit, create, delete, unlimited escort profiles   
Auto Approve or receive an email notification each time new listing is submitted or edited and approve manually
Run in Free, Free with option to upgrade or Paid Only mode
Encourage upgrades by limiting number of images and information included in each membership level
Auto Approve registrations or set for manual approval so nothing goes on without your knowledge
Create partnership with agencies allowing publishing/managing rights for a set monthly fee Easy $$!!

Change image upload, quality,size,display options UNIQUE!!
Allow video tours for listings and edit display size as you prefer
Enable google mapping UNIQUE!!
Set different layouts for all pages based on templates provided-Over 60 combinations available!!WOW!!
In addition to multiple listing page template layouts you can also set different photo layouts!!WOW!!
Decide which data fields to display
Decide which fields to include in search filters
Search by postcode radius in kilometres or miles
Turn RSS feeds OFF or ON, each listing can have its own rss feed
Use the Power of Social Bookmarking such as Facebook and Twitter to get free links to your site INSTANT SEO!!
Choose your own currency sign, code etc.
Enable Pay Pal, Bank deposits or Credit Card payments. Members who pay by Pay Pal will have their expiration date auto renewed, saving you time!!WOW!!
Click a button in administration area and notify ALL advertisers their listing fees are due!!WOW!!
Send Newsletters
Accept paid banners, code or image
Change the look of your site in minutes from thousands of templates available online!!UNIQUE!!
Use Captcha to avoid spam
And so much more!!This Escort CMS is truly unlimited!!

Advertiser Features

Can add,edit their listing photos,text,videos, even change fonts for their info text
Can add their City/Location/State/Country and it will be published in the menu immediately!
Add most of their services simply by ticking the yes or no button!!
If google maps are enabled they can chose if they wish to display it for easy directions
An absolute minimum amount of fields is required for those advertisers who are in a hurry!
Individual RSS feed for every advertiser
Edit profile information
Upload Agency logo to be displayed with every escort listing belonging to that agency
Add touring dates
Upgrade to premium at any time

View and email their listing statistics
Receive enquiries by email protected from SPAM by Captcha
All email enquiries will have a link to their listing so they always know where its from
Unpublish their listing at any time
Update availability and specify return date if currently unavailable
Publish a Google Map in their listing to assist client with directions
And so much more with this state of art escort advertising script!!

YOU Control how many features to enable! This can be extremely important in heavily regulated countries

Escorts Script is by far the most flexible when it comes to layout options than any similar script on the market. It allows the user to choose between 5 different listing page layouts and 8 classified page layouts. When you add 5 listing page image layout options to this you end up with 40 layouts to choose from for the listing page.
But when you combine that with configuration options which allow you to turn on or off any of the page sections than the dynamic layout options border with infinite! For instance; You can choose not to display maps on listings page and that section of the page will collapse completely giving it a new, fresh look. Of course, you can choose to turn off a different section of the listings page and keep the map, and the end result is the same. Sections or fields you choose to turn off will collapse however, if at any time you change your mind this fields or sections will dynamically reappear as soon as you turn them on.


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