jQuery Price Calculator Pro FREE DOWNLOAD

jQuery Price Calculator Pro FREE DOWNLOAD

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jQuery Price Calculator Pro  is a clean, simple, progressive price calculator script. PCP allows you to add a running total to an order form, giving your customers a precise idea of how much an item’s configuration will cost. It also allows you to show an itemized summary, so that the customer can get a quick overview of their order.

Supported Inputs: Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, MultiSelects, Single Line Text Inputs, Multiline Text Inputs, File Inputs, jQuery UI Sliders, jQuery Numeric Spinners

jQuery Price Calculator Pro is very customizable.

You can:

Show or hide component prices and/or ignore certain components when showing a component price
Allow the user to show/hide component prices
Show an itemized summary of the order, which will optionally float in the window as the user scrolls
Set what you want displayed when an item’s component has zero cost (i.e. free)
Add multiple quantity fields
... and much more!

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