Fancy Product Designer - HTML5 , jQuery plugin

Fancy Product Designer - HTML5 , jQuery plugin
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Fancy Product Designer - Create your own product designer easily: By Scriptsly

Fancy Product Designer here on Scriptsly . You can use this plugin for any type of product. Use it as T-Shirt Designer, Business Card Designer, Device Designer….no limits!
You do not need any vectors files for the plugin, you just set png images for your elements and you tell the plugin which element can be colorized by the user. If its can be colorized, the image will be converted in a HTML5 canvas element.

DEMO : Click Here


Converts png files in HTML5 canvas for colorization
Let the user add custom texts to the product
Add unlimited motives
Colorizable elements by static colors or colorpicker
Let the user drag, move, remove or rotate the element
Great API to integrate it in any Shop System
Add unlimited custom fonts to the font dropdown, you only need the woff file of your font

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