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Social Chat  Mobile App- Mobile Chatting App with a PHP server backend

What is Social Chat  Mobile App ?
Social Chat  Mobile App is a photo messaging application . Users can use the app to take pictures , videos etc. and add captions , text , effects etc. and send it to a selected list of friends .The specialty here is the picture will expire in a particular mentioned time frame ( within 10 seconds ) .

Why is there so much demand for a Social Chat  Mobile App like script ?
Social Chat  Mobile App is in the lucrative photo sharing vertical . It has the features of Photo, Text + the fun element . Moreover the expiring concept behind the service makes it very intriguing for users to use .All the above interest has triggered a lot of interest among entrepreneurs to think of niche ideas using the Social Chat  Mobile App concept . To get their innovative ideas up and running ASAP they require a Social Chat  Mobile App .


1)Image capture : Capture images using the custom camera screen on the
Social Chat  Mobile App
2)Video capture : Capture a 10 second video.
3)Image editing :  You can add text or paint on images just like in
Social Chat  Mobile App
4)Custom login : Login to discover your who in your phone contacts is already on the app.
5)Add and invite : Add and invite friends from your contact list.
6)Block users
7)Search for app users
8)Send photos privately to selected friends
9)Timer : Set a timer to make the photo disappear from the recipient’s app after a fixed time inline with the ephemeral image concept of
Social Chat  Mobile App
10)Know when a screenshot was taken of the image shared.
11)Push notification enabled so be informed whenever a new message is received or when a new contact has added you.
12)My activity : Keep a track of all the messages you have shared and those which you have received.
13)Admin panel: To manage users.

What comes in Package:
iOS 7 compatible Mobile Disappearing Messaging App Source Code in Objective C
Creative UI set pieces and default logo
Mobile Disappearing Messaging App Server Source Code in PHP MySQL that you can host on any server shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud

Compatibility :
Social Chat  Mobile App : Compatible with iOS7 and iOS6 on iPhone4+ devices.

⇒ You will own 100% of the Social Chat  Mobile App source code.
⇒ Easy to customize and get your own branded version of
Social Chat  Mobile App.
⇒ Fast and Secure, using REST based API’s and safe from SQL injection.
⇒ Beautiful User Interface made by our awesome designers 
⇒ Flurry integrated so you get the power of analytics to understand your users better and will help you quickly pivot and improve your
Social Chat  Mobile App.

Server Requirements:
1) Linux Server
2) PHP version 5.3
3) MySQL database
4) FTP credentials
5) PHP server to be enabled with large file upload and increased timeout.


* For those who want complete END-to-END installation by our experts 

We do not Provide any Mobile application Instalation Service.

To install this application charges may take between $50 -100.

Please contact any Freelancer from below websites. There you can find many Freelancers and companies who can install this script .


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