PHP Medical Appointment Script

PHP Medical Appointment Script
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Clinic management, doctor and therapist online medical appointment scheduling system for the management of health care appointments.

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Product Description

PHP Medical Appointment is online doctor, therapist appointment and medical clinic site PHP script. This Appointment System is an application for handling doctors appointments. It enables patients to book an appointment using web-based interface, and administrator of the clinic is able to approve/reject the appointment. 

Site visitors can perform search by doctor specialty and/or doctor name, view doctor availability and book appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments. 

- Can browse through doctors profile and read their specialty information 
- Can search for doctor according to specialty, name and location 
- View doctors profile pages with their information 
- Can choose and book an appointment at the flexible time and date 
- Can cancel an appointment through their own user page 
- View history of old appointments 
- Add/Change personal information 
- Signup/Login 

- Doctors have their own profile page 
- Can edit their own information after login in to their profile area 
- Can edit their schedule 
- Can edit their available hours for a specific date 
- Can confirm or decline an appointment through their own panel 
- Google Maps integration on the profile page 
- Doctors can register at the site and show their interest to become members 

- Manage doctor specializations 
- Manage doctors and their addresses 
- Manage doctors schedules 
- Manage doctors time offs 
- Manage appointments 
- View Appointments statistics 
- Manage patients 

Product Features

One-Year FREE Updates
Object-oriented programming
Orders management and history
Doctors/Patients registration
Doctors/Patients management
Doctors Scheduling management
Doctors Time Off management
News module
Gallery module
Contact Us module
Comments module
Gallery module
Banners module
FAQ module
Google Maps module
Reminders/Alerts module
Email Templates management
Statistics in Admin Panel
Powerful Administrator Control Panel
CMS for pages with WYSIWYG

Server Requirements

PHP 5.0.0 or higher
 MySQL 4.1 or higher

Installation of PHP Medical Appointment

A new installation of PHP Medical Appointment is a very straight forward process: 
Step 1. Uncompressing downloaded file.

Uncompress the PHP Medical Appointment script archive. The archive will create a directory called "PHPMA_xxx".

Step 2. Uploading files.

Upload content of this folder (all files and directories it includes) to your document root (public_html, www, httpdocs etc.) or your medical-appointment directory using FTP. Pay attention to DON'T use the capital letters in the name of the folder (for Linux users).
For example:
public_html/{medical-appointment directory}/

Step 3. Creating database.

Using your hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user, and assign that user to the database. Write down the name of the database, username, and password for the site installation procedure.

Step 4. Settings and access rights.

4.1. Check access permissions to images/ and tmp/ directories. You have to set up write permissions (755) to them. Also check if you have write access to include/ folder. If not, set manually 755 or 777 rights (depends on your system settings) to this directory and return them back after the installation is completed.

4.2. If you run this script on IIS, you have to allow rewrite mode for Windows. To do this, open the httpd.conf file and uncomment the following lines (remove the trailing #s):
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
#AddModule mod_rewrite.c
If you're running this script on Apache with a web hosting company you have mod_rewrite already enabled in most of cases. How to enable mod_rewrite on your localhost read here:

Step 5. Running install.php file.

Now you can run install.php file. To do this, open a browser and type in Address Bar
http://{}/{medical-appointment directory}/install.php
Follow instructions on the screen. You will be asked to enter: database host, database name, username and password. Also you need to enter admin username and admin password, that will be used to get access to administration area of the site.

Step 6. Deleting installation files.

After successful installation you will get an appropriate message and warning to remove install.php file and install/ directory. For security reasons, please delete them immediately.

Congratulations, you now have PHP Medical Appointment installed!


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