Image Hosting Script

Image Hosting Script
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Image Hosting Script

Upload methods:

Upload options:

Adult/Non-Adult Upload
Thumbnail Size (5 dynamic thumbnail sizes)
Add download links to image
Folder structured uploads (all images will go in folders by year/month/day. This way the script will support a very very large number of images without any performance issues)
Choose in which gallery you want to upload
Users feature:

Registration (with captcha)
Galleries (galleries will help to organise better your images and also when you’re in a image that is in a gallery, you will have bellow the image, more images from that gallery. You can configure how many galleries can have a regular user and a premium user). You can add, remove or rename any gallery.
Gallery slideshow (you can choose your gallery to be public or private. If it’s public, you can view a slideshow with all your pictures from specific gallery)
Fully user panel
See all images uploaded
Quick select images to: see all bb/html codes, move to another gallery, mark as clean/adult, delete
Search your photos by ID and moderate (move to other gallery, delete, mark as clean/adult)
Lock account (this is a security feature. When LOCK is active, you can’t make any modifications to your account. To unlock you have to hit button unlock and enter the security code that you will recive in your email)
Normal/ Premium (all images of a premium user are without any advertise and supports more image galleries)
Support Ticket system inbuild (Fully functional ticket support)
Private messages (send private messages to specific users)
Set account to upload in specific gallery
Referal system
Complete Paypal IPN – payment system, with transactions logs, buy premium account or extend for how many time you need to with instant activation. You can change between sandbox and actual paypal from config.php
Premium user with expiration date
User password recovery
Admin features:

Manage all users
Delete photos / mark as adult/ clean (by selection, or by specified ID)
Delete images if after X days has not been accesed.
Login brute forge security logs – if password entered is invalid 5 times, captcha appears and all bad logins are situated in admin logs.
Edit pages (DMCA, Contact) – WYSIWYG Editor included
Ads configure (for clean side and adult side)
Analytics configure (any page analytics you like)
Search user by username or image id
Pop ads configuration and premium users text configuration
View all images of a user, mark all images as adult/clean, remove all images of a user
Multi server (see details below)
Database backup/download (you can easily back-up your mysql database with one click)
Ban username or IP with reason
View all tickets of a user
Statistics page for images, top images, galleries, users, banning, multi servers, etc.
Update Manager – for easy updates between new versions
Multi server features:

Add/ Edit/ Delete multiple FTP server
Multiple options for multiserver usage:
0 = Multiserver disabled – all uploads will be on your current server even you have any servers activated in Admin Panel (Local only)
1 = Multiserver enabled – your uploads will be randomly mixed only on your active servers (FTP only)
2 = Multiserver enabled mixed – your uploads will be randomly mixed on your active servers and also on your local server (FTP + Local)
Other features:

Mail SMTP configuration (this work also on windows servers)
Download image option
Social network plugins
Enable/Disable from cover/remote/multi/zip upload from config.php
Email notification for every IPN payment recived.
Disable/Enable and set pricing for IPN from config.php
Set upload ony for registered members from config.php
Set your own dimensions for thumbnails directly in config.php
Choose in config.php your defaults for adult/clean images, or none for user mandatory select
Direct link to image option – activate from config.php
Continue to image button (enable disable from config.php)

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