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Scriptsly's CSS3 Menu is a minimal navigation menu perfect for your clean designed website. It is simple, usable and really easy to integrate thanks to its semantic markup. It also features unlimited menu levels and unique CSS3 animations.


Minimalistic look
Pure CSS3
Unique animations
Unlimited menu levels
Five color schemes included
Easy to integrate (semantic markup)
Cross-browser compatibility
Clean & commented code
Detailed documentation.


Internet Explorer 7+ (Note: some features won’t be available in old browsers like IE7 )

Opera 9+
Firefox 2+
Safari 4+

HTML Structure

HTML Structure - top

First of all, I have to mention that the menu can have a specific width or it can take the width of its container. For a certain width, you have to go to the line 8 from the CSS file and modify the value of the width property. If you want to give the navigation the width of its container, just delete that line.

The menu has the following structure: ul>li>a. That means you need to create an unordered list (ul) with the class nav and a list item for every link (anchor tag). For a submenu from a link, you have to create an unordered list of links (ul) inside the list element which contains the link, and give the list element (li) the class dropdown. You can also create submenus inside other submenus in the same way. The navigation menu supports unlimited menu levels. Let's create a dropdown menu with two levels (5 links, a dropdown menu from the second link and a second level menu from the third link of the first-level menu):

That's it! Enjoy your file and don't forget to rate it! If you want to rate it with less than 5 stars, please let me know first what's the problem with the file and how can I improve it for you. Have a good day! :)

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